Academic Offerings | Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies

Academic Offerings

Introduced in Spring 2014, the LMAS program reflects the impact of changing demographics in the population and workforce throughout the country, most notablity among the Latina/o community. Currently, the University of North Texas offers a certification in Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies (LMAS) and a Bachelor of Arts in Latino Culture, Economy and Policy (LCEP).

The certification consists of 15 hours: two required classes, three classes from at least two different departments ranging from History, Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, Journalism, Communications, Theatre, Music, Geography, and Art.

The bachelor's degree consists of 30 hours: 12 required courses, 12 hours in at least two of three elective areas: culture and humanitites; policy and politics; or ocuntry of origins study, and 6 hours of capstone internship and/or senior research paper.

These degrees aim to provide all students with:

  • a cutting-edge interdisciplinary knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the history, literature, anthropology, politics and creative accomplishments of the Latina/o and Mexican-American culture in the U.S. and beyond,
  • a workable knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language,
  • pathways to achieve minors/certificates that will enhance job opportunities in legal, business, and community engagement environments,
  • a foundation for future graduate work in Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies.