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Events Schedule

Flyer listing the dates and locations of events hosted by Latina/o and Mexican American Studies.

Join Latina/o and Mexican Amerian studies this semester at the following events!

Hay Forum with Wild Detectives Bookstore and Women's and Gender Studies

September 5-6 at 314 West Eighth Street, Dallas (virtual, too). Register for free here.

UNT Moot Court Tryouts!

Interested in trying out for our award-winning Moot Court Team?

Tryouts are between August 23rd - September 3rd. Please contact for a copy of the case problem and more detailed tryout information.

2021-2022 LMAS Fellowship Applications

The Latina/o and Mexican American Studies (LMAS) program is pleased to announce the availability of three (3) Undergraduate Research Fellowships of $1,000 each for the academic year 2021-2022.

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