Maria Carpio-Manickam | Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies

Maria Carpio-Manickam

Senior Lecturer, Department of Spanish
(940) 565-2404
LANG 401-H
UNT Faculty Profile: 

Courses I teach and I have taught in the past:

  • Spanish 4370: Survey of Spanish-American Literature II
  • Spanish 4010: Mexican Culture
  • Spanish 3880: Development of Spanish Language Proficiency
  • Spanish 3550: Spanish for the Medical Professions I
  • Spanish 3560: Spanish for the Medical Professions II
  • Spanish 3510: Spanish for Law Enforcement I
  • Spanish 3090 Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish 3002: Advanced Conversation for Native/Heritage Speakers
  • Spanish 3001: Advanced Conversation for Non-native Speakers
  • Spanish 2050: Intermediate Spanish II (online)
  • Spanish 2040: Intermediate Spanish I (online)

I am in the process of proposing two new courses that I hope to have ready for teaching by Fall 2024 and Spring 2025:

  • Latin American Pop Culture
  • Mexican Women Writers of Crime Fiction