Aja Martinez | Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies

Aja Martinez

Assistant Professor, Department of English

Dr. Martinez conducts research on and teaches a range of courses concerning rhetorics of race and ethnicity, including the rhetorics of race within both Western and non-Euro-Western contexts, and beginning, professional and advanced writing courses. Her single-authored monograph, Counterstory: The Writing and Rhetoric of Critical Race Theory (NCTE 2020), presents counterstory as a method by which to actualize critical race theory (CRT) in rhetoric and writing studies research and pedagogy. Dr. Martinez's work argues specifically that counterstory provides method and methodology for other(ed) perspectives to contribute to conversations about narrative, dominant ideology, and their intersecting influence on curricular standards and institutional practices. Dr. Martinez's body of scholarship provides an interdisciplinary understanding of how counterstory functions, while accomplishing a further goal of establishing counterstory as a pedagogically employable method in writing classrooms. In addition to her monograph, Dr. Martinez is co-editor with Dr. Vershawn Ashanti Young of Code-meshing as World English: Policy, Pedagogy, and Performance (NCTE 2011), and her scholarship has appeared nationally and internationally in several edited collections and in journals such as College English, Composition Studies, Peitho, and Rhetoric Review.

Counterstory webpage: https://store.ncte.org/book/counterstory-rhetoric-and-writing-critical-r...

Code-meshing webpage: https://store.ncte.org/book/code-meshing-world-english-pedagogy-policy-p...

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