B.A. in Latino Culture, Economy and Policy (LCEP) | Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies

B.A. in Latino Culture, Economy and Policy (LCEP)


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Students majoring in LCEP examine the culture, history, economics, policy/politics, language, literature, sociology, anthropology, and creative accomplishments of Hispanics/Latinos. In addition to the university core curriculum, students take four required courses (12 hours), four courses (12 hours) in at least two of the three elective areas and also complete either an internship and/or senior research paper (6 hours). The major requires a total of 30 hours. The required classes provide a foundation for understanding the socio-economic and political experiences of Latinos/as in the United States. The elective tracks deepen students' knowledge of Latina/os in the areas of: 1) culture and humanities; 2) policy and politics; or 3) country of origins study.

An interdisciplinary group of faculty affiliated with the program designed the curriculum to give students a competitive edge for careers in business or in the governmental or non-profit sector. The LCEP major will prepare students for key positions in the private sector as well as in governmental and non-governmental organizations in the United States and throughout Central and South America.